Friday, January 30, 2015

Race #55- Celebration Rotary Club Pancake 10k

I signed up for the Celebration Rotary Club Pancake 10k online a few days before the race.  I wanted a better 10k time than I had so I could use them to submit for Disney races.

I showed up at the start of my race to get my packet and the only shirts they had were unisex Larges.  I hate when races don't have your correct shirt size--especially if you register online and not day of.  But honestly, the shirts were pretty ugly so I didn't argue.

It was a pretty small race.  We lined up.

Soon it was time to go!

It was a nice race.  Pretty quiet and there were just enough runners that you didn't feel alone but it definitely wasn't crowded at all.

I felt really good for most of the race.  My pace hadn't gotten down to what I wanted it to yet after my injury.  I was hoping for a 10 min pace, coming in at 1:02 but I knew that a 10:15 pace, a little under 1:04 was more realistic.

When I'm running, I'm constantly looking at my watch and doing math in my head.  Halfway through I realized that my time was going way better than I thought!  I knew that I could reach my original goal.

Then it dawned on me that I *might possibly* get a sub 1 hour.  What????  That hadn't even been on my radar!!   Running in and seeing my time, I knew it would be close!! (don't look at the clock in the picture...I think it was the 5k)

Not the best picture of me finishing in the background but it was free!

I finished very happy!

I went over to the fire station and enjoyed the nice pancake breakfast that they had.

  I knew I had to hurry though because I had to get home to shower and change to head out of town for a race the next day.

I went to check my results and guess what?  There were NO RESULTS!!!!!  I was NOT a happy camper!!!

I went over to the timing people and explained that I needed this time to use as Disney proof of time and that's the only reason I ran the race.  The guy told me it was because I registered last minute (um no, I had done online registration, not day-of registration) and assured me that he would get it and would update the time online that night.

So I was still left hoping for that PR.

And the result didn't come up when they should have.  And when they did come up, guess what?  I wasn't on there!!!  I emailed the race director and received this email

The race contractor- epic sports marketing, mis-categorized your results. Please refer to the 55-59 age group on the list. 

You did not place in your correct age group but still ran a good race-nice job!

Seriously?  Do I look 55 to you????  Still, no word of fixing it for me.  So I emailed them back and explained that I needed to be in the right age group so that if Disney did in fact verify the race, I would be in the correct place.  They finally fixed it but what a hassle!

My official time was 59:48!  I had gotten a sub 1 hr!  I was blown away! It was also an 8 min 38 sec PR!!  I placed 4th in my age group (wahoo!), 27 in my gender and 61st overall (out of 190ish if I did my math right) so not too bad!

I'm honestly not sure that I'd do this race again.  I loved that it was small and the course was really flat.  But I was not happy with how it was organized.  So we'll see about next year.


  1. Glad they finally fixed it for you! What a hassle! Congrats on the Amazing PR!! You looked great at the end of the race!

  2. Congrats on the new PR! You're just tearing up all the old record sheets this year!! Get it, Girl!!