Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Official! I'm a Maniac!

 Seeing this email yesterday still hasn't quite sunk in.

Marathon Maniac.  It never crossed my mind that I'd be one.  The Disney marathon last year was originally going to be a one-and-done thing. (well, lets be honest--a few years ago, I had no intention of ever running a marathon).  Then I decided this year that I needed to try Goofy.  And it was miserable.  I told Cori on the course at mile 24ish that I was never running another full. I was miserable and just not happy.

Then Faith tells me if I run the Celebration Full, I can become a Marathon Maniac because I will have run 2 marathons in 16 days.  I went back and forth on it and finally decided to do it a couple of days before the race.  I just wanted to finish it.  Not only did I finish, but I felt great, got a huge PR, hit my original time goal from Goofy, and got hooked!

I've now registered for the Breast Cancer Marathon on February 15th.  So I'll have run 3 marathons in 15 days.  Crazy!

There's so many more I want to do.  I want to do the New York City Marathon.  Boston would be amazing but I will never come close to qualifying--I have to decide if I would be okay with getting there through the charity route. Chicago.  Even locally---Space Coast Full, Dopey, Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  Not all right away.  *Hopefully* we'll be trying to start expanding our family soon.  But maybe one day in the not-too-distant future.  And I never thought I'd say that.

 It's pure mania.  And I'm quite proud of it.



  1. Congratulations!!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!!!

  2. You are insane in the best of ways! I can't even fathom being able to run marathon, much less two that close together! Congrats!!

  3. Congrats! I still haven't decided on the marathon thing- maybe in a few years :-)