Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Recap- November 3-9, 2014

Busy running week.  I had a double race day this weekend!

Goofy training Week 9:

Monday--softball. The other team forfeited so we won.  And that means we won our league!  Woohoo!  Before softball, my dad was in town so Kory and I went out with him to celebrate his early birthday.  We headed to Johnny's Hideaway.  They have a great happy hour.  We had tons of seafood!

Tuesday-- 5.79 miles in 59:48.  I tried speedwork and it about killed me.  1 mile slow, 7 sets of .5 miles fast followed by 45 secs slow, 1 mile slow. Ugh. This about killed me. I ran the 1 mile then 2:1 fast until about 2.5 miles. Then my poor breathing got to me & my diaphragm started hurting so I dropped down to 1:1s fast. Then I got stuck at 2 long traffic lights. So that threw off my speed work. So no idea what it would really be
1.00 mile: 9:46
0.50 miles: 9:14
0:45: 13:04
0.50 miles: 8:36
0:45: 14:33
0.50 miles: 9:15
0:45: 16:12
0.50 miles: 10:35
0:45: 12:46
0.50 miles: 10:24
0:45: 10:27
0.50 miles: 10:58
0:45: 8:11
0.50: 11:41
1:00 mile:11:11
Average Pace: 10:20
I'm not sure how some of my walk times were fast since I definitely don't walk that fast!

Wednesday--rest.  We had Portfolio Night at school.

Thursday--6 miles in 1:07:05.  Mile 1: 10:53, Mile 2: 10:15, Mile 3: 10:20, Mile 4: 12:00, Mile 5: 12:11, Mile 6: 11:25, Average Pace: 11:11

Friday--rest.  Cori and I went to the Wine & Dine Half Marathon expo to do some shopping and pick up our race packets.  We had sent Kory to get some of the goodies earlier in the day since they sell out.  But this time, they sold out of the necklaces (which they never have before!)

Then we met up with our hubbys at Olive Garden to carb load.

Saturday-- double race day!!  

Race #1
Gingerbread Run 5k at Give Kids the World.  3.15 miles in 26:55! Ran the whole thing!  Big PR! I was hoping to only shave a few seconds off my PR of 28:55 but instead I took off 2 minutes!! Mile 1: 8:26, Mile 2: 8:36, Mile 3: 8:38, Mile 3-3.15: 7:22, Average Pace: 8:30.  I met up with Meghan, Kelly, Kacie, and some of their friends.  It was so neat and inspiring to run through the village.

I went home, showered, rested and then headed to the Expo again to get visors for us to wear for the race.  It was predicted to rain and we didn't want to worry about the rain in our face.  And I found another cute shirt for my Marathon weekend race!

Then I went over to the Boardwalk Resort for a cupcake meetup!  It was fun to get together with a bunch of running friends!  Ashley, Joe and I ran into Food & Wine for just a minute so Ashley could get a slushy drink.

Ashley and I were freaking out about the rain that was coming during the race.

And we were right to be!  It poured once we were in the corrals.  It was quite the miserable race.

Race #2
Wine and Dine Half Marathon--13.49 miles in 2:29:53.  Mile 1: 11:09, Mile 2: 9:55, Mile 3: 9:42, Mile 4: 11:13, Mile 5: 11:07, Mile 6: 11:37, Mile 7: 11:34, Mile 8: 11:39, Mile 9: 11:52, Mile 10: 10:39, Mile 11: 12:04, Mile 12: 11:22, Mile 13: 11:01, Mile 13-13.49: 10:26, Average Pace: 11:07.  There were several times I just wanted to stop.  And we were so cold and miserable that, even though we changed after the race, we decided not to go to the after party and just go home instead.

Sunday--rest.  I slept in then Kory and I went to Food & Wine.  We did a lap around the countries then headed to Downtown Disney to see a movie.  We saw The Maze Runner which I thought was really good.  We also went into Fit2Run so I could get a box of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Gu.  I had tried the new flavor the night before the race and it tasted like a melted Reeces Peanut Butter cup!

Total miles this week: 28.43
Total miles in 2014: 336.77
Total miles: 1404.76


  1. So you are telling me I need to get some peanut butter chocolate gu?? :)

    1. Yup! Just bought 2 more today at the expo and plan on buying another box!