Saturday, November 15, 2014

Race #51- Miracle Miles 15k

I was looking forward to running Miracle Miles 15k again this year.  I was hoping for a PR.  I had recently started running in the mornings with some girls I had met through a couple of friends and they let me tag along with them for the race.

It was raining so we tried to stay dry for as long as we could, but soon we were off!

The run felt good.  My legs and body felt good the whole time and the rain kept things cool.

I had thought that Faith and her sister were ahead of me for the first part of the race.  But they were behind me and caught up about halfway through.  We played tag for awhile, with me doing my intervals, but soon they took off.

I finished in 1:31:51, a 2:40 PR!

I placed 826 out of 1541 so not top half ;/  But for women, I placed 371 out of 926 so top half there.  I look forward to next year's!

(My only complaint--please make gender specific tees!!  I can never wear these because they're too big!)

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  1. Awesome PR! Congrats on a great race! (Whats with all these rainy weather races lately?)