Thursday, November 6, 2014

Race #50-- Hit and Run 5k

When I first found out about the Hit and Run 5k--I couldn't wait to sign up!  A 5k combined with Wipeout-like obstacles??  Yes please!!!  We signed up as soon as registration opened.

Then I started reading reviews.  How horrible the lines were.  How the water was muddy.  Just lots of negativity.  Luckily, I had nothing negative to say and I'd definitely sign up again!

Our group was called Tangled Feet (carried over from races Cori and I have done together).  We put word out that we wanted to get a group together and we had fun group compiled!

Nicola, Steve and Kerry joined us.

When we signed up, we registered for the first wave.  And I honestly think that's why everything worked so smoothly for us.  I think the longest wait we had in line was MAYBE 5 minutes.  But I could see by the end how the lines were getting long.

I didn't take my phone because I didn't want it to get wet so I don't have any close up pics of the obstacles...only 2 far away ones.  We had brought a GoPro to use, but unfortunately the case cracked open and it met its untimely death on the water obstacle.

There were several obstacles: (And since I didn't bring my phone, I'm taking these from the Hit and Run 5k website with my commentary before it).

~Running across an inflated balance beam-type thing that was slippery with soap.  Nope--didn't make it across.

~ A wall to climb that was soapy.  The foot places were inflated and tiny so they didn't help.  You had to use the strap to pull yourself up.  I was sore for days!
 (They have a different obstacle and pic online..sorry!)

~The dreaded wall that has doors that suddenly open up and smack you.  All while there are people throwing dodge balls at you. I was so afraid of this one.  And poor Nicola went first and right at the end got smacked pretty hard.  One of race people controls it and I think he felt pretty bad.  Good news was that if you go first, you get to throw the dodge balls at your friends behind you.  Steve went last---you can imagine how much fun we had!

~The Big Balls!  I COULD NOT WAIT to try this!  They're not as big as in the show, but you still have to jump far to get to them.  I fell of the first ball.  So much fun!

~ The water obstacle where you have to kneel and crawl across this balance beam while these big balls rotate around above you trying to knock you off.  Luckily I only lost my footing once and only my left foot splashed in the water.

The run ended up being only about 2.6 miles.  Nicola wore her watch and it took us 39:45 to complete.  Not bad!

As for what goodies came in the packet--this tee and a sweatband.  There was also other tees and fun socks you could purchase.

I had an absolute blast.  Would I do it again?  Definitely--but on one condition--I would have to sign up for the first wave.  If I couldn't get the first wave, the line would be too long.


  1. That shirt is adorable! I hadn't heard great things about this run either, but it's good to know that you had a positive experience. I'll keep an eye out for next time!

    1. if you do decide to do it, register ASAP and get the first wave!