Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stats Question

Ok, I know this is a silly question, but--opinions wanted.  Ever since I've started running I've used my Runkeeper app for every run (except for the Color Me Rad 5k and Castaway Cay 5k).  I know that it's been found to be a little off but it's what I've based all of my personal stats on.

For a way early birthday present, my parents got me a Garmin Forerunner 10.  I used it on my run today.  (Yay for finally getting the watch/shoe shot!)

I also used my Runkeeper app.  And the stats were a little off

Stats:        Runkeeper     Garmin
Mile 1        10:01 pace     9:58 pace
Mile 2        10:07 pace    10:02 pace
Mile 3        9:51 pace      9:58 pace
Total          3.01 miles     3.00 miles
Avg. pace  10:00            10:00
Time          30:02            29:58

So not too much difference, except for the pace for each mile.  Runkeeper started off at a slower pace by 3 seconds, then by 5 seconds but then suddenly was faster by 7 seconds (so jumped up 12 seconds). 

And yes, again, I know this is super silly, but I keep track of my stats.  Do I continue to use the Runkeeper ones since that's what all my old ones are based off of?  Or do I start using the Garmin stats?


  1. Honestly I'm not sure it matters. You obviously started the time one about 4 sec. before the other so that will through them off a bit too. Plus with GPS is it tends to work like that. Since it bounces the signal off the satellite then back to you it is not uncommon for the mile by mile to be off a bit, but since the average is the same go with whichever you are more comfortable with.
    As a side note my sister and I both have the Nike+ GPS watch and when we ran together hers always said she went .01 or .02 farther than me even though we ran next to each other step by step. It is kind of the nature of the beast.

    1. Hmm..thats interesting that it was off even when you were together!

  2. I also use both. The Garmin is considerably more accurate than RunKeeper, so that's the one I base my stat's on. I also start Garmin last and stop it first so it's start/end times are much more accurate. When I go for a walk with my wife, we both use RunKeeper (no Garmin). We walk together. Yet our mileage and paces may differ a lot. In a 20 minute, 1 mile walk, distance may differ by 0.1 miles, pace by 30 sec/mile.

    Rick Stiles

  3. Hi from the Disboards! I use RunKeeper as well and I guess my thoughts would be, now that you have a watch, to use both! I have stats from over two years of running now and I don't think I could ever stop using RunKeeper just cause that's where all my info is. It's like deleting old but important emails. I can't do it! :) I wouldn't worry too much about the difference in devices though. - OregonGirl.

    1. I think that's what I'm going to do. I just have too much data on there!

  4. If keeping RunKeeper is important, then stick with it and the watch. I used to use RunKeeper, but now I only stick with the watch. Its' really just preference. I love your new watch!

    1. I had decided to maybe just use the watch data since I thought I could sync it to Dailymile, but it's looking like the Forerunner 10's don't sync! So I think I'll use both but keep the Runkeeper stats (at least until I get the watch to sync!)