Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Recap- July 13-26, 2015

I was on vacation last Sunday and didn't have a chance to do my weekly recap.  Oops!

July 13-19, 2015


It was Kory's birthday.  We spent it by going shopping at the outlets for some bathing suits for him, seeing a matinee at the Fork & Screen of Minions, and then dinner with Kelly and Ron at American Q.

Tuesday-- 4 miles in 38:19  Marathons training week 5 day 1. Mile 1: 9:44, Mile 2: 9:33, Mile 3: 9:32, Mile 4: 9:29, Average Pace: 9:35


Bella got groomed.

I attended an event at Two Chefs Seafood Oyster Bar.  It was soooo good!

Thursday--1 mile in 11:24.  Group birthday run then Starbucks time!
3 miles in 30:37  Faith and I did 3 more later that night.  Marathons training week 5 day 2. Ran 2 miles then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 9:50, Mile 2: 9:44, Mile 3: 11:01, Average Pace: 10:12


I worked Tour Guide at the ride in the morning then met up with a group of MRTT ladies at 33 & Melt later that night.

Saturday--10 miles in 1:52:23  Marathons training week 5 day 3. Ran 27 mins then did 3:1s. This includes a midpoint stop at Publix for 3 mins. Mile 1: 9:57, Mile 2: 9:36, Mile 3: 10:17, Mile 4: 11:17, Mile 5: 11:34, Mile 6: 13:13, Mile 7: 11:33, Mile 8: 11:42, Mile 9: 11:51, Mile 10: 11:33, Average Pace: 11:14

Kory and I drove up to Orange Park to drop Bella off at my parents house then headed up to Hilton Head for our annual family vacation.  Gotta love the view from the Marriott Grande Ocean.

We ate at Skull Creek Boathouse for dinner.  It was so nice to sit outside and eat yummy seafood!

We headed the Poseidon Club after dinner for a little dancing.  I felt old, but there's a small part of me that misses my clubbing days!


We just had a lazy day and spent time out by the pool.

Every day we head to Pool Bar Jim's for a mid day drink.  His drinks are always served with extra so it's really a 2 for 1!  And I always have to start with a BBC. 

Total miles this week: 18
Total miles in 2015: 432.02
Total miles: 2038.46

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1248.09

July 20-26, 2015


Another lazy day.  This time I had a frozen drink they created for me.

And I saw this little guy--ugh snakes so creep me out.  I had been having a great summer and hadn't seen any on my runs yet and then I see him by the pool!

Tuesday--4 miles in 39.00  Marathons training week 6 day 1. Ran 27 mins then did 3:1s. Hilton Head Island run. Mile 1: 9:37, Mile 2: 9:43, Mile 3: 9:44, Mile 4: 9:55, Average Pace: 9:45.

Today's drink was a Mocha Cloud.

It was so hot out and there was no breeze.  I checked and it was even hotter than home in Florida.

So pretty though!

We went to Steamer Seafood for dinner--my favorite place to go every year.


We went to the beach in the morning.  I HATE the beach but Kory likes it and my mom loves it so we went and sat with her some.

My final drink of the trip was a banana and pineapple coconut daiquiri.

We had lunch and then left for home, picking up Bella on the way.  (Side note--my parents had a video camera set up to watch the puppies while we were gone and it was so sad.  One of the days she spent a lot of it whining and howling.)

Thursday-- 4 miles in 44:59  Marathons training week 6 day 2. Ran 27 mins then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 10:39, Mile 2: 10:31, Mile 3: 11:43, Mile 4: 12:06, Average Pace: 11:15

I worked Gangster at the ride later in the afternoon.

Friday-- rest

I had dinner at Saigon Noodle and Grill with some Yelp girls and then we headed to Twistee Treat for dessert!

Saturday--9 miles in 1:38:51  Marathons training week 6 day 3. Ran 38 mins then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 9:36, Mile 2: 9:27, Mile 3: 9:56, Mile 4: 10:31, Mile 5: 11:38, Mile 6: 11:56, Mile 7: 11:31, Mile 8: 12:50, Mile 9: 11:21, Average Pace: 10:59

I had a movie date with some of my kiddos from last year to see Minions.

Then a friend and I were going to do some dance classes for National Dance Day but apparently you could register in advance and they were all sold out.  Oops!

Faith, Ava Joy and I had Panera for dinner.  I love that child!  

Sunday--11 miles in 2:03:55  Marathons training week 6 day 4. Ran 27 mins then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 10:02, Mile 2: 9:48, Mile 3: 10:21, Mile 4: 11:21, Mile 5: 11:43, Mile 6: 12:01, Mile 7: 11:49, Mile 8: 11:41 Mile 9: 11:35, Mile 10: 12:50, Mile 11: 10:46, Average Pace: 11:16

Kory, Faith, Jordan & I went to see a late showing of Trainwreck.  The movie was hilarious!!

Total miles this week: 28
Total miles in 2015: 460.02
Total miles: 2066.46

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1297.84

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