Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Recap- June 8-14, 2015

Yikes!  I slacked off again on doing my re-cap.  Sorry!


Tuesday--2 miles in 19:05.  Marathons training week 1 day 2. Mile 1: 9:37, Mile 2: 9:26, Average Pace: 9:32.


I had inservice classes for work.  So boring but at least it was done and over with and I could enjoy my summer!

Kory and I went to Trader Sam's after dinner.  Lots of fun and lots to drink.


It was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Aww

We headed to Epcot for a trip around the world (and so I could wear my Happily Ever After tank and get an anniversary button!)

We went to the Chef's Table for dinner.

It was really good!  (the only disappointment was that I had booked the reservation because they had banana creme brulee for dessert, both on the menu online and several of my friends had told me I had to try it.  But they didn't serve it that night.)

Friday--3 miles in 29:03 Marathons training week 1 day 3. Mile 1: 10:03, Mile 2: 9:41, Mile 3: 9:19, Average Pace: 9:41

I had to go downtown to get my recertification for teaching.  I totally procrastinated on doing it.  Oops!

It was a great mail day.  I got my gift from my Pixie Dust Pal

I also got my June Stridebox.

~Action Wipes- Body Wipe- Large
~Kate's- Energy Bar- Stash Bar
~Skratch- Fruit Drops Energy Chews- Raspberry
~E-Hydrate- Energy Gel- 2 Flavors
~Mestrength- Performance Hydration Mix
~Ruby's Lube- All-Natural Anti-Chafe
~ Quick Dry Microfiber Sport Towel


Heather, Chase and I went to an early preview of Inside Out, thanks to the Disney Parks Blog.

It was a lot cuter than I thought it would be!

Kory and I had dinner at Pei Wei and then I got Menchies.  Yum!

Sunday-- 3 miles in 29:05 Marathons training week 2 day 1. Mile 1: 9:57, Mile 2: 9:41, Mile 3: 9:25, Average Pace: 9:41

Kory and I went to see Jurassic World then had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I enjoyed the movie!

Total miles this week: 8
Total miles in 2015: 349.96
Total miles: 1956.4

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1041.97

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