Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paramount Fine Foods

When Meghan invited me to come along with her for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of Paramount Fine Foods, I had to admit that I had never heard of them.  She told me it was Lebanese food (Mediterranean food).  I hadn't really had it before, but I was up for trying anything.  And I was oh so pleasantly surprised!!

Paramount Fine Foods is located at I-Drive 360 (and if you're like me and worry about parking, don't--there's a free parking garage right there!)

We walked in and had our picture taken while we took in the restaurant.

It's truly gorgeous in there!

There was lots of mingling and mango and strawberry juices were passed around.  They were sooo yummy!

One thing I immediately noticed is that while they had Lebanese & Mediterranean food, they also had what I called picky-people friendly food.  There's really something for everyone.

After looking around a bit, we heard from some speakers.

  I learned that this was the first Paramount Fine Foods to open in the US, having several restaurants in Canada.  Then they cut the ribbon!

We got to try lots of yummy food!

My favorite was the falafel.  To me, it tasted like deep fried hummus with that yummy tahini sauce.  It was freshly made right there in front of us and we miiiight have gone back for seconds.

The presentations of the food was gorgeous!

We tried so many different things like Tabbouleh, hummus, Kafta, Moutabbal, and several desserts including this one amazing one where it looked like a puff pastry and when you bit into it, it was like there was honey in it.  Sooo good and so unique!!

I really want to go back to try more of their foods--the Mixed Combo Family Platter is calling my name.  Anyone want to join me??

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