Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Recap- March 2-8, 2015

My ankle was bothering me a bit so I decided to take the week off from running until it feels better.  Well, I should say off from training runs but not races!

Monday--rest.  I went with my West Orange Moms Run This Town group to Happy Hour at the Tasting Room and then we headed across the street and painted wine glasses!  I cannot draw to save my life so the girl in charge traced it all and I painted (and still didn't do a good job of that!)  It was fun though!

Then I headed to our late softball game.  I was good and didn't play so I could rest my ankle.  We lost :(


Wednesday--rest.  Ladies Night at the Melting Pot.  My favorite restuarant!  I love our nights there!

Thursday--rest.  We celebrated Cindy's birthday at Cooper's Hawk.  The food was so yummy!  I had such a hard time deciding but Meghan and I split a few items!


Saturday--It's For the Kids 5k  3.19 miles in 25:45 Mile 1: 8:07, Mile 2: 8:13, Mile 3: 8:04, Mile 3-3.19: 7:19, Average Pace: 8:05.

It felt so good to run!  It was a tiny race so Faith and I lined right up at the starting line.  We were totally one of those runners you see in the ready positions with our hands on our watches!  I felt great the whole run!  I ended up with a 15 second PR!  And while there were only 4 girls in each of our age groups, Faith got first in hers, and I got 2nd!  We had asked after the race if there would be age group medals and was told no.  So we left because we had a time crunch.  Turns out there was!  So now I'm waiting for the race director to respond to see if we'll be mailed our medals!

And why were we in a time crunch?  Because we were attending a Disney Parks Blog meetup to see Cinderella!  I was so excited!  I had been waiting for this!  I was home, showered and back out the door in 15 minutes!  And it was such a great movie!  I met up with Cori & Meghan and then Faith and her little girl met us.

Sunday--rest.  Worked at Disney then had to pick up the Cinderella cupcake.

It was pretty with all the glittery sugar crystals.  As far as taste, it was vanilla frosting and vanilla cupcake so pretty boring.  But if you're just judging vanilla cupcakes, then it was pretty good.

Total miles this week: 3.19
Total miles in 2015: 242.48
Total miles: 1848.92

2,015 in 2015 miles: 595.18
Run Streak Days: ended at 60

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