Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Recap- June 16-22, 2014

Well, this was my first full week back.  I'm still struggling with the shorter runs, which annoys me.  Before I got injured, I was feeling pretty comfy with the shorter runs.  So I planned on upping my intervals from 2:1s to 3:1s after the marathon.  So I figured that's what I'd start with now.  Ugh.  Not so smart.  I was exhausted and a little nauseous after some of them.  So for this last 3 miler, I dropped back to 2:1s.  It was still really hard (way harder than it should be) but I didn't feel sick.  My time stunk though.  It's so frustrating.  And I'm having some leg pain.  But it's kind of phantom.  Meaning, I'll be sitting here and all of sudden, ow, it'll ache.  But when I go to press to find the spot, I can't!  I sure hope I'm just being paranoid and that its not that my injury is still there!

Monday-- 3 miles in 32:05 (Mile 1: 10:48, Mile 2: 10:56, Mile 3: 10:22, average pace: 10:42)
Wednesday-- 4 miles in 43:57 (Mile 1: 10:49, Mile 2: 10:45, Mile 3: 11:06, Mile 4: 11:16, Average Pace: 10:59)
Saturday-- 3 miles in 32:55 (Mile 1: 10:52, Mile 2: 11:04, Mile 3: 11:01, average pace: 10:59)

Total miles this week-- 10
Total miles in 2014--69.09
Total miles--1137.08


  1. Coming back from injury is no fun. :-(

    1. It's not! And I'm not really sure what to do :/

  2. Great job being back at it Andrea! I felt the same way after my stress fracture. Give it some time. You'll be back to being speedy before you know it!