Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Virtual Expedition Everest Challenge Hop--Everest Challenge

I am so excited to co-host the Virtual Expedition Everest Challenge Hop!

Are you looking for a 5k with a little something more?  Maybe something with obstacles during the run and a scavenger hunt at the end?  Then runDisney's Expedition Everest Challenge is right up your alley!  I've run it for the past three years and had a blast!

Expedition Everest Challenge starts at 10:00pm on Saturday, May 3rd at the Animal Kingdom.

Runners can run either individual or in pairs.  I haven't run this race as an individual but it's so much fun to have a friend with you!

Once the fireworks go off, you start off running through the Animal Kingdom parking lot.  Obstacle 1 comes in about half a mile to 3/4th of a mile in.  The last two years it's been a hay barrel to jump over.  (Don't worry, it's a low one!)  Then you run in through the entrance to the park and around some of the lands in Animal Kingdom.  The second obstacle is usually a tire walk.  This gets crowded.  Really crowded.  As in last year, it was step in a tire, pause, step in another tire, pause.  The third obstacle course has varied.  Last year you had to crawl under a cargo net.  2 years ago you had to climb up and over a cargo net.  And you always have the option to go skip the obstacle if you want (but hey!  That's part of the fun!)

After you finish the last obstacle, you're pretty much done with the race only part.  Next up is the scavenger hunt.  The two years before last it was mostly wordy-language-y problems.  Last year it was different--harder to explain.  But I found it more difficult.  You have to solve the clue, give the answer to a volunteer, the volunteer gives you your next clue, and off you go.  Once you have all the clues, you have to solve for the final answer which you need when crossing the finish line.

  And then you get your fun bling!  (The last 3 years its been an awesome compass!)

Then the party starts!  You head back into the Animal Kingdom for rides and food and drinks (you have to buy these) and party the night away!

The Expedition Everest Challenge is so much fun!  I hope everyone gets the chance to run it!  Want to read my race recap from last year?  Check it out here.

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