Saturday, April 12, 2014

Orlando Yelp Event- Kings Bowl

A few weeks ago, I was so excited to go to my second Yelp Elite event--at Kings Bowl.  I was so excited for this event!

I got there a little early to watch the Gator game but soon the place filled up.  First we played a Meet the Elites Bingo game.  When  you RSVPd for the event, you had to include a fun fact about yourself.  For the game, you had to meet people and try to find the people with the facts to make a Bingo.  I won!  Wohoo!

We were treated like Royalty.  There were so many food and drink offerings!  There were sesame ginger wings, lollipop wings, crispy & spicy calamari, maple glazed scallops, southwestern spring rolls,  buffalo wontons and kings famous steak tips (just to name a few).

 There were also drink samples to be had: sangria, The Dude, and Strawberry Pop Rocktini

Their drink list was amazing!

We were also given two drink tickets.  With my first one, I got the Orange Creamsicle.  And the bartender knew I was a Gator fan, so he added some Blue Curacao to make my drink orange & blue!

We had to get a picture with their mascot

Then it was time for bowling!

We headed into the back Royal Room (perfect name!)

We had so much fun!  There was a DJ playing this awesome mix of current and 80s and 90s hits.  We were up dancing and singing the whole time (when we weren't bowling, of course)!

 And just having an all around great time

 For my second drink I had the Strawberry Peach Lemonade (I wanted the Fizzy Lifting Drink--it had Snozzberry Syrup!  But they were out of the stuff they needed for the special effect)

 There was also the Snap Studio Booth to take fun pictures in!

And we got some great Yelp swag!

We had so much fun at Kings Bowl.  I cant' wait to go back!