Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekly Recap- September 28-October 4, 2015

Maybe I should make my recaps a Tuesday thing..especially since I  already know next week's won't be done until Tuesday!  But it's Chicago Marathon week!  So excited and so nervous!


We lost in softball :(

But it was GMR pride day.  It was fun to see so many pictures of the Ride!!

I got my Chicago Marathon Participant Guide in the mail! It's getting so real!


I went to Magical Dining Month at Smiling Bison with some friends.  Another great meal!


Cori and I hit up Food & Wine

And then we attended the Disney Parks Blog 20th Anniversary Food & Wine meetup!  It was so much fun!

Thursday--3 miles in 37:38 Marathons training week 16 day 1. Ran with the girls! Mile 1: 11:54, Mile 2: 13:34, Mile 3: 12:09, Average Pace: 12:32.  We stopped to look at some Halloween lights!

Friday--3 miles in 33:23  Marathons training week 16 day 2. Mile 1: 10:47, Mile 2: 10:23, Mile 3: 12:10, Average Pace: 11:07


I got the chance to go to the UF vs Ole Miss game with Heather and Brian.  Ole Miss was ranked #3 and we were #25.  I was really thinking that we wouldn't win.  But we dominated!!

Sunday--8 miles in 1:31:36 Marathons training week 16 day 3. Last run before the marathon!! Ran 3 miles then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 10:58, Mile 2: 10:40, Mile 3: 10:40, Mile 4: 12:23, Mile 5: 11:55, Mile 6: 12:00, Mile 7: 12:14, Mile 8: 10:48, Average Pace: 11:27

Kory and I went to see The Scorch Trials and then went over to check out the new Hangar Bar.

We ate at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner date night!

Total miles this week: 14
Total miles in 2015: 701.36
Total miles: 2307.8

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1742.78

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