Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Recap- May 11-17, 2015

And so began my 4 weeks of no running to see if I can get my ankle fully healed!  (although I'll be honest--I'm so busy and tired from end-of-the year stuff at school that I'll be glad to not be getting up early!)


We flew back from Disneyland.  Another interesting trip story.  Cori was in the window seat and while we were waiting to take off, she noticed some firetrucks.  I thought it was common to have some around the airport until we noticed that they were filled with uniformed fire fighters.  We looked farther and we saw a plane on its belly.  Turns out that a plane landing at LAX had it's landing gear not work correctly!  Scary!  It closed one of the runways so we took off late.  So when we got to Atlanta, we had to rush to our plane and the door was already closed.  Luckily there were several of us, so they opened the door back up.


We lost in softball--so close though.

My May Stridebox came in

~Bounce Natural Energy Ball- Cacao Mint
~ Glukos Energy Gel- Orange
~ Gu Energy Chews- Strawberry
~ Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration- His and Hers
~Vita Perk Vitamin Coffee Boost
~Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch- One Size
~Stridebox Massage and Recovery Ball

Wednesday-- rest

I got my latest Stitch Fix 




Kory had the day off and surprised me with Dunkin Donuts (this is a tradition my dad did every Saturday when I was growing up and still does when I come home to visit.)

Since Kory doesn't really get to eat much when he's working, he wanted to eat big meals.  So we had Harry & Larry's Bar-b-que for lunch and Outback for dinner.  Who am I to deprive a man his meat???


It was a girl's night!  We had dinner at Carmel.  They have an AWESOME 3 course dinner for only $14!  I had chickpea fries, lobster bisque, and shrimp and lobster risotto!  I also enjoyed some white sangria.

Then we headed to the movie theater to see Pitch Perfect 2.  A lot of the girls didn't think it was as good as the first but I enjoyed it.  And I need to download the soundtrack!

Total miles this week: 0
Total miles in 2015: 340.96
Total miles: 1947.4

2,015 miles in 2015: 924.57

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