Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekly Recap- April 27- May 10, 2015

So I realized I totally slacked and forgot to do last week's post!  Oops!!

April 27-May 3, 2015


Tuesday--rest.  I got into both the Chicago Marathon and the Dopey Challenge!  Faith did too--it's gonna be a crazy race season!

Wednesday--3 miles in 34.17.  Ran with the group. Mile 1: 11:06, Mile 2: 11:16, Mile 3: 11:51, Average Pace: 11:25


I don't get to see Kory much anymore because our schedules are opposite of one another.  So he brought me lunch to school!  So sweet!

Friday--3 miles in 30:45 Mile 1: 10:17, Mile 2: 10:12, Mile 3: 10:18, Average Pace: 10:16

Saturday--Chocolate Sundae Run.  3.16 miles in 26:09.   Had no idea it was timed so wasn't prepared to race it but it ended up being my second fastest 5k! Plus I had a great new racing partner and ended it with a chocolate sundae! Mile 1: 8:18, Mile 2: 8:18, Mile 3: 8:32, Mile 3-3.16: 8:40, Average Pace: 8:23.

Bella got a haircut.

Kory and I drove home to Orange Park to go out for an early Mother's Day dinner with my parents at the Wine Cellar.  It was yummy!


We drove back home.

Total miles this week: 9.16
Total miles in 2015: 317.91
Total miles: 1924.35

2,015 in 2015 miles: 848.92

May 4-10, 2015

Monday--3 miles in 28:16 Mile 1: 10:39, Mile 2: 9:11, Mile 3: 8:25, Average Pace: 9:26

It was the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week at school!  My homeroom mom is adorable!  She decorated my door after my favorite candy and gave me a creative card with a gift card to Cold Stone!

Dad was in town so we went to  Trader Sam's so we could see Kory and Dad could check it out.


I got some beautiful flowers and a basket of popcorn for teacher appreciation day!

Dad and I went to happy hour at Johnny's Hideaway for some yummy food and drinks!


I got some homemade goodies (the little girl was so cute...the day before she asked my favorite treats and I said rice krispie treats or anything chocolate.  She came in the next day with homemade rice krispie treats and double chocolate chip cookies!)  I also got a Target gift card and a beautiful plant for Teacher Appreciation Week!

It was Tink time!  Cori and I caught a plane to Disneyland.  We definitely had an interesting trip--a funny story on the plane.  We had a layover but stayed on the plane.  Cori went to the bathroom on the plane and then another women went right in after she came out.  As the other lady walked by all the flight attendants at the back of the plane, you could see on their faces that something was wrong.  Apparently, the lady had been smoking in the bathroom!  She tried to blame it on Cori but the flight attendants could smell that it was her.  The police had to come escort her off the plane she had a $2000 fine!  Stupid!

We checked into the Disneyland Hotel.  The guest service was severely lacking and we had nothing but issues the whole time.  Luckily, the room was really nice though.  I mean, where else can you fall asleep with fireworks over your head???


We worked all day at the Raw Threads booth at the runDisney expo.

Cori and I were craving In-N-Out since we don't have one here and luckily some of the local girls were up for taking us for a late night dinner!


We worked the Raw Threads booth again. Not the best picture, but here's our gang!

During lunch, we noticed that there were tons of cats around the hotel!  Of course you know I had to take pictures of them (& maaaaybe sneak them some food).

We got our Tink shoes at the expo!  (the dark one is me trying to take a picture of the fact that the shoes glow in the dark!)

 After we closed up, we headed to Trader Sam's for some food & drinks.  We sat outside but I snapped a quick picture of the inside to sent to Kory to let him know I was at his sister restaurant.

We headed back to the hotel room to get ready for the 10k in the morning.

Saturday--Tinker Bell 10k  Pixie Dust Challenge Part 1.  6.46 miles in 1:11:19.   Great race with lots of picture stops! Mile 1: 9:57, Mile 2: 10:12, Mile 3: 14:02, Mile 4: 10:24, Mile 5: 12:11, Mile 6: 10:03, Mile 6-6.46: 10:21, Average Pace: 11:05

We rushed home to shower then headed back to the expo to work with Raw Threads again.  But first we took a fun picture at one of the other booths.

After breakdown that night, all I wanted to do was to go to the parks.  We only had an hour and a half.  And we had yet more problems with the hotel.  I was not happy.  We rushed through Downtown Disney only to realize the Tomorrowland premiere was getting out so we stopped to see if we could see George Clooney.  Turns out he had already left but we did see Bachelor Chris, Kevin Dillon, and Lori Greiner.

We also saw that runDisney had posted a picture of us from the race.  Too bad my headphone wires were crossing my face!

We had just enough time to run and ride Radiator Springs, grab some flavored popcorn, ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Tower of Terror.  Not bad for only 1 hour!

We headed home to get ready for the half the next morning.

Sunday--Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Pixie Dust Challenge Part 2.  13.59 miles in 2:17:45.  Mile 1: 8:25, Mile 2: 8:02, Mile 3: 9:26, Mile 4: 11:09, Mile 5: 11:17, Mile 6: 10:11, Mile 7: 10:29, Mile 8: 10:38, Mile 9: 10:51, Mile 10: 10:36, Mile 11: 11:00, Mile 12: 10:30, Mile 13: 9:07, Mile 13-13.59: 10:19, Average Pace: 10:08.  I was actually in the A corral which was neat!

Since we had done the Princess Half Marathon earlier in the year, we also got a Coast to Coast medal!  So 4 medals in all!

Unfortunately, my time was messed up and I couldn't get my medal engraved.  They kept telling me my time was 2:04.  Which would have been a PR by a little bit.  But I knew I wasn't close to that.  They kept telling me I was.  Finally pulled up my time online..and check out the 5k time.  I don't think so!

We showered and headed into the parks.

Derek and Liz came out to join us play for a little bit.  We also had dinner at Napa Rose.  It was so nice to see them!  And funny story--we all know Cori's a picky eater.  She ordered the kid's meal of chicken and mashed potatoes at dinner.  When the bill came out, they charged her for the $40 duck!  When we asked about it, the waitress said they couldn't charge her for a kids meal since she was adult.  We told her that that should have been stated when she ordered the meal because we wouldn't have stayed!  Luckily they fixed it for us.

Derek & Liz headed back home and Cori left to meet up with a friend so I met up with Celina and her family.  We rode some rides, ate some ice cream and watched Fantasmic.

I was sad to go back to the hotel room.  I didn't get enough time at Disneyland!  But it was a fun trip!

Total miles this week: 23.05
Total miles in 2015: 340.96
Total miles: 1947,4

2,015 in 2015 miles: 902.57


  1. Sounds like an awesome two weeks! First of all, congrats on Chicago and Dopey! And I wish they would do an ice cream sundae run near me, that looks awesome :) Your students and parents are so sweet, I'm sure you deserve it!

    And I'm jealous of Disneyland but also getting so excited to head there in September for the Disneyland Half!!

  2. We also stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and loved it. No problems at all. I was also surprised that we saw SO many cats around the resort. That was just odd and something you would never see at WDW! Great job on all the races!

    That is a funny story about the lady in the plane bathroom. I will be telling that to my sister who is a flight attendant!

    We were also crossing DTD when people were walking in to the premier of tomorrowland. We didn't stay because I am horrible with celebrities and new I wouldn't recognize anyone. Now that you said who was there, I would have totally recognized Chris and Lori!

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