Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Recap- November 24-30, 2014

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week!  I sure did!  Ate lots of yummy food, visited family, and ran in 2 races!

Side note, I ran 111.53 miles this month--the most ever!  The most before that was 95.5.

Goofy training week 12

Monday--rest.  Kory and I drove up to Jacksonville and spent the night with my brother before we headed out of town.

Tuesday--rest.  I was supposed to run 7 miles but we left Jacksonville at 6am to drive up to Virginia.  It was a loooong car ride but we got there quicker than expected.  It was great to see my grandparents again!

Wednesday--rest.  We at lunch at one of my places in Williamsburg growing up, The College Delly.  It was different seeing it 20 years later!

Then we headed into Colonial Williamsburg to stop by the Raleigh Tavern Bakery I remembered from when I was little to get a Gingerbread cookie.  It was freezing and raining!

Then we headed to packet pickup to pick up my bib for the Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5k the next day.  Later that night I was really regretting signing up.  The weather called for 38 degrees and rain.  Yuck!  Then at 9:50, I realized I had left my running gloves and ear warmer headband in Bella's bag at the pet sitter!  Luckily my dad grabbed his keys and we booked it to Target with 3 minutes to spare!

Thursday--Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5k--3.1 miles in 27:50.  Mile 1: 9:16, Mile 2: 9:03, Mile 3: 8:45, Mile 3-3.1: 7:51, Average Pace: 8:59.  Not bad considering I felt like I was taking it easy since it was wet and slippery.  I definitely didn't feel like I was going all out. And it was the first time I've ever done negative splits! It ended up being pretty cold but only raining so slightly that I couldn't really tell. The course was beautiful.  I really want to run the Run for the Dream Half Marathon some day!

Later that day my aunt, uncle, and cousin came over to my grandparents house and we had my parents' delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  This is my favorite meal ever and I look forward to it all year!

Friday--rest.  We got back up at 6am for the drive home.  We stopped in Jacksonville to pick up Bella then drove back to Orlando.  Whew 12 and a half hours of driving is too much!  I so missed my little girl.  She was mopey when we got home.  I think it was a combo of being mad at us for leaving her, missing the puppies she was staying with, and being exhausted from being so active for the previous few days!

She is such a little cuddlebug though!

Saturday--rest.  I slept in then drove over to my friend Heather's dad's condo.  I am so thankful they were letting me stay there so we could run the Space Coast Half Marathon the next day!  We headed out to the Expo.  It's harsh, but I have to say, Space Coast Marathon needs to really fix its expo.  They're waaaay too crowded in a small space and the merchandise lines are disorganized.  Then they ran out of many race shirt sizes, including the ladies small (which they ran out of early in the week).  They said they never got a shipment but a friend got one earlier in the week.  They can't let people just exchange for sizes there if they don't have extras.  If they want to be a big race, then they have to make sure they're efficient all around.  Rant over :)  We did have fun looking at some of the vendors and taking pictures!

We watched the first half of the Gator game at Heather's condo, then headed to Fishlips for dinner.  Sigh.  We really should have won that game but we blew it!

Sunday--Space Coast Half Marathon--13.22 miles in 2:13:07.  Big time PR of 7 mins and 6 seconds!! Mile 1: 9:28, Mile 2: 9:27, Mile 3: 9:31, Mile 4: 9:34, Mile 5: 11:07, Mile 6: 10:04, Mile 7: 10:41, Mile 8: 10:02, Mile 9: 10:24, Mile 10: 10:21, Mile 11: 10:08, Mile 12: 10:13, Mile 13: 10:09, Mile 13-13.22: 9:10, Average Pace: 10:04. I felt so good!  I ran the first 4 miles then started my 2:1s.  But after that mile, I decided I felt well enough to do 3:1s instead!  I almost did 4:1s at one point but didn't want to burn out so I just kept it at 3:1s.  I feel like after this race, I can be confident of running the marathon in January.  Now I just gotta feel confident about running it after running a half marathon the day before!

There were so many of my friends running it.  Such a great time!

Total miles this week: 16.32
Total miles in 2014: 411.77
Total miles: 1479.76


  1. Congrats on your Space Coast PR, and a massive one too! We were also racing Thanksgiving Day in Newport News VA and yes, it was freezing cold. Hated the rain, but we had a great time and enjoyed getting some exercise in before the big feast!

  2. Great job on the Space Coast! I love that medal :)

  3. I love Williamsburg--I'll have to check out those gingerbread cookies after my next run there. And awesome PR at Space Coast--it's one of my bucket list races!

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