Friday, March 21, 2014

Orlando Yelp Event- The Thirsty Topher

Our first Yelp event of the year was at The Thirsty Topher.

It was a dive-ish type bar off the beaten path and was pretty neat.  Here's a shot of what it looks like before everyone filed in.

I am not a big beer drinker.  The only beer I really drink is Bud Light (I know, I know.)  I told the very nice bartender this and that I liked sweet things.  He brought over a sample of banana bread beer.  It wasn't bad.  He also told me about this beer called a Radler that was mixed with Grapefruit soda.  That sounded more up my alley so I decided to try it.  And it was so good!  It didn't taste like beer at all.  I could easily imagine myself drinking it sitting by a pool.


When we had arrived, we were given a raffle ticket where we could get Avocado Fries from the Sushi and Seoul food truck.  Yum!

But the main reason for the event was to get to know our new Orlando Community Manager, Andi P.  She was so nice!  We will miss Colleen, but I think we're going to be in great hands.  Andi started the year off on a bang!