Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekly Recap- August 3-16, 2015

I was on vacation last weekend through this weekend so it's another 2 week recap!

August 3-9, 2015


Kory and I enjoyed Red Robin for dinner.

Tuesday--11 miles in 1:58:06  Marathons training week 8 day 2. Ran 35 mins then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 10:05, Mile 2: 10:01, Mile 3: 10:03, Mile 4: 10:48, Mile 5: 11:24, Mile 6: 10:33, Mile 7: 11:07, Mile 8: 11:01, Mile 9: 11:34, Mile 10: 10:56, Mile 11: 10:33, Average Pace: 10:44


Faith, Ava Joy and I ran some errands then had Smashburger for lunch.  We had to get the Windy City in honor of our Chicago Marathon coming up!

Later that night I attended a Central Florida Lady Bloggers event at Tijuana Flats.


Friday--13 miles in 2:42:31  Marathons training week 8 day 2. We took it nice & slow on purpose including a gas station stop & it was so nice! First time I've enjoyed running in quite a while & could have gone longer! Mile 1: 10:54, Mile 2: 11:41, Mile 3: 11:06, Mile 4: 12:42, Mile 5: 12:19, Mile 6: 12:25, Mile 7: 13:12, Mile 8: 12:28, Mile 9: 12:35, Mile 10: 15:42, Mile 11: 12:52, Mile 12: 12:38, Mile 13: 11:55, Average Pace: 12:30

Faith and I got mani/pedis at Marilyn Monroe Spas

I drove home to Orange Park and had dinner at the Fish Company with Mom & Dad.

Saturday--3 miles in 27:55 Marathons training week 8 day 3. Mile 1: 9:30, Mile 2: 9:15, Mile 3: 9:06, Average Pace: 9:17

We (a couple of the bridesmaids) threw Lindsay a bridal shower.  It was so fun!

I drove back to Orlando and got my run in.


Kory and I drove to Fort Lauderdale to pick up Kyle & Kim and then we drove to Miami to start our vacation on the Carnival Breeze!!

Total miles this week: 27
Total miles in 2015: 520.1
Total miles: 2126.54

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1405.37

August 10-16, 2015

Monday-- 3 miles in 28:30.  Marathons training week 9 day 1. Spin class first then 3 mile run.  My first spin class (and last).  I didn't enjoy it and couldn't wait to hop on the treadmill on the ship!

It was a day at sea so we just lounged around.

My parents were puppy sitting Bella so I got picture updates throughout the cruise of her and Dollie.


Port of call was Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We took an excursion to Mystic Mountain and rode the Sky Explorer and Bobsled.  Then we went to Dunn's River Falls and climbed it.  So much fun!

Wednesday--5 miles in 48.29  Marathons training week 9 day 2.  Got in 5 miles while looking at Grand Cayman.

Kim and I went shopping in Grand Cayman (and found the Lilly store) and then went to Margaritaville!

More puppy updates


We went to Club Cozumel Caribe.  It was a perfect combo of beach/pool/restaurant.  We also went to Fat Tuesdays.

Friday--11 miles in 1:51:21  Marathons training week 9 day 3. Ran 45 mins, did 2 sets of 3:1s then decided to only take a minute walk break at each mile. Treadmill cut off at an hour so I had to restart.  I had never run that far on a treadmill so I was a little worried but I found that it was actually easier and I liked the TV.

It was a day at sea and the last day on the cruise.  I forgot to take pictures.  Booo!


We headed home after the cruise sad to be done with vacation & summer and to be leaving Kim & Kyle.  We picked up Bella and she was not happy to be leaving her friend (she never lays down in her kennel in the car.)

We celebrated Heather's "Dirty Thirty" birthday at Senor Frog's and Drip.

Sunday--9.16 miles in 1:43:13 Marathons training week 9 day 4. Was supposed to do 15 but started majorly storming so we bailed at 9. Ran 3 miles then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 10:16, Mile 2: 10:28, Mile 3: 10:20, Mile 4: 11:43, Mile 5: 11:55, Mile 6: 11:53, Mile 7: 12:10, Mile 8: 10:46, Mile 9: 11:56, Mile 9-9.16: 11:10, Average Pace: 11:16

Total miles this week: 28.16
Total  miles in 2015: 548.26
Total miles: 2154.7

2,015 miles in 2015: 1443.63

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