Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weeky Recap- February 9-15, 2015

This was the first of three double-race weekends in a row!

Monday-- 1 mile in 9:18

Tuesday--  1 mile in 8:53

Wednesday-- 5 miles in 52:04 Mile 1: 10:32, Mile 2: 10:23, Mile 3: 10:28, Mile 4: 10:32, Mile 5: 10:09, Average Pace: 10:25.

Dad was in town so we hit up happy hour at Johnny's Hideaway again.

I also got my February Stridebox

Included was Skratch Labs--Apples & Cinnamon, Vitalyte- Chia Surge Gel in Pineapple Orange, Tech-friendly Running Gloves, Joshua Tree Organic Lip Balm in Mountain Mint, Picky Bar in Cookie Doughpness, and Chike High Protein Iced Coffee.

I also ordered 2 new pairs of shoes--Brooks Ravenna 5s (I had been wanting the orange & blue ones and now that my other ones are worn down and these are lower priced, I could justify it!)

  And I got a pair of Saucony Guide 7s.

Thursday--1 mile in 9:14

I helped out at the Best Damn Race Orlando Kickoff Party at Fleet Feet.  We had some yummy snacks and giveaways!

Then I met up with dad to try out a new Mexican Place--San Jose's.  It was pretty tasty and the margarita was as big as my head!

Friday--1  mile in 10:33.  It's a birthday tradition in our running group to meet up at Starbucks, run a few miles and then enjoy a drink afterwards together.  It was Cori's birthday the next day, but a bunch of us were doing a race so we gathered today.

Later that night Kory and I went to dinner at Bistro CloClo.  I was heading out of town for a race the next day, so we were celebrating Valentine's Day a day early.  The service wasn't so hot but the food was yummy!

Saturday--Winter Garden 10k--6.24 miles in 55:00.  I ran the whole thing without stopping!  Got a new PR of 4 mins and 48 secs.  Mile 1: 8:38, Mile 2: 8:41, Mile 3: 8:51, Mile 4: 8:53, Mile 5: 9:04, Mile 6: 8:58, Mile 6-6.24: 8:01, Average Pace: 8:49

Then I drove home to Jax and my mom and I headed to the 26.2 with Donna Marathon Expo to pick up the race packets for me, Faith and her sister, Blair.

I got to meet my parents' new little puppy, Dollie.  She's absolutely adorable!  I wanted to take her home!

I went to dinner at the Ale House with my parents.  We thought that would be safe and uncrowded on Valentine's Day but it was packed!

I found out that Faith and her sister had come down with a bug and I'd be running the marathon alone the next day.  I freaked out!

Sunday-- 26.2 with Donna Marathon 26.39 miles in 4:44:48. A 15 min 42 sec PR! Mile 1: 9:49, Mile 2: 9:24, Mile 3: 9:46, Mile 4: 9:45, Mile 5: 10:37, Mile 6: 10:23, Mile 7: 10:29, Mile 8: 10:08, Mile 9: 10:37, Mile 10: 10:45, Mile 11: 10:41, Mile 12: 10:42, Mile 13: 10:58, Mile 14: 10:58, Mile 15: 10:46, Mile 16: 10:54, Mile 17: 11:42, Mile 18: 11:00, Mile 19: 11:25, Mile 20: 11:21, Mile 21: 11:40, Mile 22: 11:36, Mile 23: 11:38, Mile 24: 11:27, Mile 25: 11:29, Mile 26: 11:00, Mile 26-26.39: 9:50, Average Pace: 10:48.

My dad drove me to the race and hung out with me at the start since I didn't know anyone.  I had planned on going slow with the girls but since I was by myself, I don't know how to take it easy and I pushed myself.  The race was amazing!  The course support and fans were incredible!  Outside of Disney races, it easily jumped to the top as my favorite!

I rested at home then my parents and I met up with my brother and his girlfriend at Outback for dinner before I drove back home to Orlando.

Total miles this week: 41.63
Total  miles in 2015: 194.18
Total miles: 1789.31

2,015 in 2015 miles: 437.47
Run Streak Days: 46


  1. You are amazing! I know you were worried about doing the marathon by yourself, so I'm really glad to hear that it turned out so well! I got this Stridebox too, it was my first one. I was pretty happy with it - can always use another pair of gloves, especially with this cold we're having, and I'll try everything else except the coffee - I don't really do coffee if I can help it, and a protein coffee powder drink mix is a bit too much for me!