Thursday, May 22, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Cast Preview

If you're a Disney freak like I am, you've been watching the growth of the new ride in the Magic Kingdom, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  The whole time is was being built, I kept waiting to hear of a cast preview, but it never came.  I was so sad--- I knew it would be months before I could ride it because right now, cast members can only get FastPasses the day of and I'm not patient enough to wait in hours long lines.  But then suddenly yesterday I read that there was a cast preview for yesterday and today!  I was so excited!  So Kory and I headed there today!

The queue is really cute (and I noticed the outside has some fans blowing air to keep it cool)!  First up is a fun game

Then you can run your hand under these animals and the pour out water

Then you head to the inside queue line

Here you can spin the jewels and if you look up at the ceiling, the character that matches the  name on the barrel that you are spinning shows up.  And we learned from another guy in the queue that if you spin all 7 barrels of jewels at the same time then Snow White shows up.

Luckily there was no wait and soon we were waiting right behind the gates

And it was our turn (and yes, the seats are really tiny)

We were off!

Sorry the pics are blurry.  My camera phone isn't so great while on a ride apparently!
 On the way out, you can see the cabin from the front.
The ride was so much fun that we rode it 5 times!  I think the longest we waited was maybe 2 minutes!  We were so, so lucky!

Here's the video of the mine portion if you want to see it

Afterwards we went to get a little snack at Cheshire of the cupcake cups (white chocolate)

And then we decided to head out but stop at Casey's first for corn dog nuggets and fries.

We took the monorail back to the Poly where we had parked and I did a little shopping first.  I picked up two of the new princess mugs and this cute new little "Piece of Magic".  I am obsessed with Cinderella's Carriage and the saying "Happily Ever After"

A fun quick trip to the Magic Kingdom!

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