Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Once Upon a Time, in a Far Off Land

It all started back in February of 2011.  My matron of honor, Cori, and I wanted to tone up for my wedding.  So we decided to start running.  Cori was athletic in high school and college so she had run a little before.  But while I cheered in college, I HATED running.  But I decided that my wedding was worth it.  So with only 1 run behind me, we ran in Race #1-- Disney's Royal Family 5k on February 26, 2011.
And we never looked back!  I had my fairy tale wedding in June of that year to my wonderful hubby Kory.  We got married at Walt Disney World.
And I can't forget our furbaby, Bella.
After the Princess Half, I will have run in 20 races so far, brought my 5k time down by 10 minutes, overcome one little injury and one a little more major and am signed up for 5 more races with more on the horizon!

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